MYSTICAL PETROGLYPHS. Ethnic style silk scarf which is reflected of the culture and traditions of ancient Azerbaijani people. A series of Gobustan scarves from the “Cultural Heritage” collection is a vivid example of ethno style! Elements, silhouettes and patterns of primitive ethnic groups displayed in this collection will help you create an ethnic image, diversifying your everyday style. More history: Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gobustan contains unique rock art engravings and images depicting the lifestyle, culture, economy, world outlook, magic and totemic conception, customs and traditions of the ancient inhabitants of the area. Long time ago the sea waves licked these mountains and then abandoned them leaving characteristic relief traces on the polished rocks. Gobustan rock carvings are marked with thematic diversity, plot originality, and certain artistic skill. Most of the petroglyphs depict people, domestic and wild animals, as well as battle scenes, ritual dances, bullfights, boats, solar symbols, etc.

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