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Sevil Art scarf and accessories are modern interpretation of the patterns and ornaments of ancient Azerbaijan. The brand offers elaborate, heritage-inspired prints on exquisite fabrics.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. “You imagine what you want, then you want what you imagine, and finally you create what you want.” (Sevil Ahmadova) One day, in the imagination of the artist-designer and founder of the brand, were born designs for silk scarves with an Azerbaijani soul.


Following many years in Russia studying the art school, Sevil moved to Azerbaijan to hone her skills. Time spent working in several companies and unstoppable work on herself made ready to branch out alone. Sevil Ahmadova launched her Sevil Art brand in Baku in 2020 and has since grown the label organically. Sevil Art - this is the creative path of one Azerbaijani artist who honors and appreciates the history of her country, has a passion for art, nature, flowers and everything beautiful. Combining all this together, she comes up with the idea of creating the Sevil Art brand, the logo of which contains the initial of her name and a stylized image of a pomegranate. The pomegranate is a national fruit and symbol of Azerbaijan, carries a noble message and is a symbol of family and abundance.
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